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Welcome to EuroVagens!

EuroVagens began in early 2008 after a small group of people from the VW scene wanted to add more to the scene. You are very lucky if you live in the state of Ohio. Reason I say that is because you have a wide source of entertainment from a number of different clubs that can fill almost everyday of the week with something to do.

EuroVagens started off with a bunch of guys from other clubs always up for hanging out and getting others to join us. Since 2008, we have thrown events simply because we know that you want to be out, show your car, drive your car, and have a great time. We celebrate our anniversary with a BBQ at Lenny’s Haus of Dub, we put many cruises on our EVent calendar including our several Night Drives throughout the warmer seasons. We partner up with other clubs namely fatDUBS and plan look forward to working with the fD!  We plan on bringing you the best from the best Euro enthusiast clubs in Northeast Ohio.

In 2009 - EuroVagens made the slogan “Where friends are made” our own - as we noticed that our new members that joined these forums started gathering several “mutual friends” on their Facebook pages - all from EV! Speaking of Facebook - Join our Facebook page EuroVagens and Twitter account.  There is NO way you can be left out of the loop of EVents!!

Our Technology

Our forums is one of the most up to date forums on the web. We are consistently looking into modifications to make the site pleasing to you not because of the people you are interacting with, but because of the applications we’ve installed on the site to make EV easy for you to use!

Customize your post so that you grab other members attention!

Use EV anywhere easily on your mobile device with Tapatalk! This application has not only made EV easy to use on any smart device, but it gives EV that Facebook feel. Post pictures directly onto the site from your mobile device, be notified when someone replies to your post, and reply immediately when you have a question you are trying to get the answers to or on one of our hot topics!

Join our chats and topics started in our chat room!

Join us today! Stop missing out in your fun!

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